University of Stavanger


  • cand.scient., Univ. Oslo, 1980.
  • assoc. prof. chemistry, Stavanger
    College, 1984.
  • dr. philos., Univ. Oslo, 1987.
  • prof. (chemistry), 1993-present.


Fields of expertise

  • (bio)physical chemistry, reaction and enzyme kinetics, reaction kinetic modeling and nonlinear dynamics, control theory applied to (bio)chemical processes.
  • experimental: Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction, Neurospora crassa circadian clock and enzyme reactions, instrumental analysis, molecular biology.
  • theoretical: models to obtain integral control and homeostasis.
  • papers on: models for circadian clock rhythms, temperature compensation, time measuring mechanisms, integrative aspects of controller motifs to obtain homeostasis. Participated in projects with respect to kinetics/mechanisms and modeling.


Current research topics

  • Comparing performance of homeostatic controller motifs
  • Interplay between homeostasis and circadian control
  • Models for cytosolic Ca homeostasis and Ca signaling
  • Cross talk between nuclei in the N. crassa circadian clock
Recording the rhythm of Neurospora crassa
Basic mechanism of the Neurospora circadian clock